French Tuition for Home Schooling

We offer French lessons for children who do not attend a high school and are home educated. They usually take place in the teacher’s home or in a place convenient for all pupils to attend, to be negotiated. Groups vary in numbers but will not exceed 5 to allow all participants to have a fair share of the teacher’s time.

Structure and Content of French Lessons

These lessons are tailored to the pupils’ needs and their level of French. The speed of progression will depend on the pupils’ own ability. The main aim is for children to be able to manipulate the language in all 4 skills, understand theFrench Tuition for Home Schooling spoken and written language as well as being able to express themselves orally but also in writing. Students may also choose to validate their knowledge by taking an exam such as GCSE and A Level if desired, in which case French exam preparation will be provided.

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