Current adult learners say: “Carole is a brilliant teacher of French. She is wonderfully encouraging and is very tolerant of my frequent grammatical mistakes and lapses of memory of vocabulary. She very much creates an excitement and eagerness for learning the language (and her coffee is superb).” Roy

“Carole is a brilliant French teacher. She is very enthusiastic and motivational. She is helping me to regain my confidence in speaking fluent French. I can thoroughly recommend her. Magnifique!” Greg

Headteacher says: “Mrs Hood always looked for ways to broaden the curriculum and to this end, she organised French Cafes and ran various language and bi-lingual clubs for the children…. the ideas for this event blossomed into a very effective teaching tool. … She also led various interesting assemblies either with or without the help of the children. Carole was always eager to embrace technology and used video conferencing and a link with a French school to help bring native French speakers into the classroom.”

Parent says: “Carole Hood has been teaching my children for the last 4 years, both through [their] school and privately. She is currently preparing my 12 year old daughter for her GCSE (since then in a recent text: “I just wanted to inform you that my daughter had an A*! So a huge thank you to you…”) and my 15 year old son for his AS. Both children have made excellent progress and I have been very happy with her teaching. I would thoroughly recommend Carole Hood to anybody thinking of employing a French teacher.”

Adult says: “Initially my intention was just to learn enough to survive holidays to France, however, Carole’s teaching and passion for the language soon rubbed off and I began reading French literature (initially children’s books), eventually progressing to novels. Carole encouraged me to study for my A-S levels, and with her confidence rubbing off on me, I entered my exams and began studying….Carole has a straight forward, simple approach to languages and dedicated as much time as I needed for my course. I had an evening lesson once a week and between these, emailed essays that I had written and sound files of oral questions to her, which she marked before my next lesson with a wealth of vital feedback. … Carole tailored all of my lessons completely to my level of knowledge and needs…. Carole makes the learning experience fun, simple, interesting and extremely rewarding.”